The Joe Webb Foundation is an outreach program mission to challenge children physically, mentally, spiritually, and educationally to higher heights. To renew, revise, and revitalize children to the next level in their life. This program will provide various supportive services to the youth that live in the county and surrounding counties, allowing them to be in a position to become productive members in society. We will create self-esteem and productivity through programs that develop life skills, enhance sports ability, and further education. 

Supportive Services


By providing supportive services such as the following:

  • Sport and Youth Counseling 

  • Back to School Rally

  • Motivational Speeches 


We are serving not only a portion of the individual's need, but as whole. This will open doors for the many youth that live in the community. We want our youth to feel a sense of high self-esteem and accomplishment. This will help to drastically reduce the problems of poverty, violence, and lack of education in this community. 

Our Goals and Objectives


  • Strengthen our youth and foster healthy growth and development of the children

  • Promote high self-esteem and motivation in our youth and the community as a whole

  • Provide youth sports activities, mentoring, and educational assistance to families in the county and surrounding area

  • Enhance and foster youth sport programs 

  • provide mentoring support to youth in crisis


We can always use an extra hand at our charity events. Whether it's helping coach at a camp, passing out food or supplies or many other tasks that help us make our events successful.


Corporate support is a big piece to our puzzle when it comes to helping our youth. We are always looking for all types of sponsorship from monetary to product and supplies donation.


Every penny the Joe Webb Foundation receives goes straight to the many projects we maintain to help teach, mentor and support today's youth. 


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